Friday, February 25, 2011

Tip of tThe Day: 7 Uses for Cola (Other Than Drinking It!)

So, you know Cola is for drinking but did you know it has several other handy uses as well?  Here are a few.

1. Moisten a baked ham with Coke. Pour Coca-Cola into the bottom of a baking pan then insert a ham wrapped in aluminum foil. About 30 minutes before the ham is cooked, remove the foil and empty the juices into the bottom of the pan, allowing them to mix with the Coke. This will create a moist ham and wonderful gravy.

2. Remove grease from clothing. When you begin washing a load of greasy clothes, empty a can of Coke into the washer. The cola will loosen grease stains.

3. Loosen a bolt that has rusted. Soak a cloth in the Coke and place over the rusted bolt for several minutes.

4. Clean corrosion from the battery terminals by pouring a can of Coca-Cola over the terminals. The corrosion will be swept away. Also try this when the car won't start because the battery isn't connecting; the worst thing that will happen is you waste a can of Coke.

5. Brighten up a dirty toilet. Pour a can of Coke into the toilet bowl and let it sit for an hour. Brush and flush.

6. Remove stains from vitreous china. The citric acid in the Coke will remove the stains.

7. Rub a slightly rusted bumper with a wadded piece of tinfoil soaked in Coca-Cola to help remove rust spots.

So, if you are like me you are thinking, "Hmmm...if it can remove rust... what is it doing to my stomach? 


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