Gift Ideas

Here are a few ideas for the Chai Tea and Gingerbread Coffee mixes. These can be used for so many things! Who wouldn't want to get a hostess, birthday, Christmas, thankyou or housewarming gift with these little goodies tucked inside?

Possible containers: Jelly jars (from Wal-mart or Lowe's)
Tins (Hobby Lobby has some really cute ones!)
Chinese take out boxes (also available at Hobby Lobby or
Coffee mugs
Cellophane bags (Hobby Lobby, Michael's)

Presentation: You can make even the simplest of gifts look incredibly special just by paying attention to the way you "wrap" it. I usually keep the following on hand.

Raffia- several different colors
Cellophane bags/wrap
Holiday themed fabric (Hobby Lobby carries a great selection of holiday themed bandanas that work great as well.)
card stock (all different colors)

If you use a jelly jar; Fill with the mix. Screw on the lid. Tie some pretty raffia around the neck of the jar. (You can cut some pretty fabric rounds to put over the top of the jar if you like.) Don't forget to include the name of the mix along with the directions for measurements (mix to water ratio) on a little piece of card stock. Use a piece of the raffia to attach to the jar. (I usually do a bunch of card stock tags ahead. More about that on another page.)

If you use a coffee mug you can often fit these inside a cellophane bag. Just fill the mug and carefully slip down inside the cellophane bag. Tie off with raffia. Another option is to put the empty cellophane bag inside the coffee mug and then open and fill it. Tie off with raffia and your tag.

These little mixes make a great addition to a gift basket. You can include them along with a couple of coffee mugs, a set of pretty napkins tied up with ribbon and some Biscotti or Shortbread cookies. (Recipes will be added in the near future.) What a great gift!