Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Simple Way To Clean Your Floors!

           About a year ago I purchased a Shark Steam Pocket Mop.  I had wanted a floor steamer for quite some time.  I'm here to tell you that having one will change your life! ;)
This little tool is the coolest thing for people like me who are a little "obsessive" about their floors.  (Obsessive? Anal? Crazy? You pick!)  All you do is fill the little reservoir with water, (I add some white vinegar.) Put on the terry cloth "pocket" (there are 3 different sizes for this particular brand) and plug it in! 
With 4 dogs, a steady stream of students through my house each week and two kids still living at home this little tool is a life saver!  Not only does it clean your floors effortlessly, but it sanitizes them!  When you add to that the fact that the floors dry incredibly quickly and you've got what I consider one of the best inventions ever... somewhere in line with the washing machine, dishwasher, electricity and toilet paper!


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  1. Ladies, I love this steamer too! My husband bought me one for Mother's Day - it's what I asked for - the best part is that I haven't gotten to use it yet! He cleans the floors for me because he loves this tool too!! :)