Friday, December 10, 2010

Canning Jar Soap Dispenser

 A few weeks back I was out antiquing with Brianna and our sweet friend Renee.  One of the shops we were in had a really cute display of canning jar soap dispensers.  I looked at them (They were $15 each!) and thought, "Those would be so easy to make!"  Little did I know that they are currently a very popular item.
Canning jars are very easy to find at yard sales, thrift shops and flea markets.  You can find the pumps at craft shops or at some of the mail order links below.  Here is a little primer on how to make these really cute little items yourself.  What a great gift idea!

Things you'll need:
Any size canning jar with lid and ring.

Soap Dispenser Pump
Liquid Soap

With your marker, mark the center of the jar lid.  Keeping the lid and ring screwed to the top of your jar carefully drill a hole  the size of your pump tube.   Insert the pump (pump tube should sit no more than 1/2-1" above the bottom of the jar.)  Fill jar with soap.  Now could that be any easier??

*You can decorate your jars in several ways.  Spray paint the lid and ring in holiday colors or to coordinate with your decor.  Use a few strands of raffia or a ribbon to tie a bow around the ring.
*Buy a soap dispenser at the dollar store  and use the pump from it for your new soap dispenser
Save pumps from soaps and lotions you currently have to use in making your dispenser.

I wonder who will find one of these little goodies under their tree this year?


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